Goals, deadlines, and anticipation…

We all have goals and deadlines to meet at some point.  I have one major one that I have put on myself.  I’m self publishing my children’s book soon.  My goal was January. It’s now February.  Things happen, life happens and sometimes we have to push our goals back a bit.

Now I’ve set my deadline for March. No particular day in March, just I have to have this deadline for myself.

Now comes the anticipation of it all. I still have a little work to do on it-but I’m also anxious to say the least. I want this dream to become reality so bad and I know I’ll make it happen.  It’s just like waiting for the ketchup to come out of the bottle… Anticipation…

As always: Keep smiling!!! 🙂





pexels-photo-839466.jpegJanuary and February are always a time of a little withdrawal and hibernation for me. Yes, the New Year is always exciting on January 1. The newness of the upcoming year, the out with the old crap that we’ve built up from the past year.

But, then by the second week of January the newness wears off for me and I just want to curl up in bed and write, read, and watch mindless television until Spring.  The dreary Pacific Northwest Skies and rain just make me sleepy too.

As we’re entering the 2nd week of February, I still feel some need to hibernate-but I’m slowly coming out of it.  You see, Spring starts to come a little early in the Pacific Northwest. This I’m thankful for after living in the Midwest for most of my life. Now I feel like a sleepy bear starting to wake up a little, starting to feel a little more energetic.


The sweet smells of Spring can’t come fast enough for me. The Spring smells, the new flowers. There’s just something about the air that makes me happy.

As always: Keep Smiling!!! (:


The beauty of birds…

I remember in 5th grade my Science teacher taught a unit in Birds.  He would have 2 or 3 different types stuffed birds in glass cases on all of the tables in the room. We spent a few weeks talking about each bird and their habitat.  At the end of the unit we were tested. We had to identify the birds and write a little about each one.

After this time, I was able to identify birds when I saw them outside. I was pretty proud of myself that I could identify what the bird was.

I have since then had a love of birds.  I love how they fly through the air effortlessly.  But.. I do have my favorites.  I love the Great Blue Heron.  Their wings are so big and beautiful while flying.  I always feel as though I’ve hit the jackpot when I see one up close along our local river or the puget sound area around me.  I came across one along the trail I walk on and he was just sitting there as pretty as you please-like he was posing for all to see. I was also lucky enough to see one in the Puget Sound last Fall.  There’s just something about them that fascinates me.

Another of my favorites is the Cardinal.  I saw them all the time back when I was living in the Midwest, but for some reason they don’t fly west of the Mississippi. I really miss seeing these birds. The males have such vibrant red feathers and in the winter brightened up the yard filled with snow.

If I could I would thank my 5th grade Science teacher for introducing to all kinds of birds.

Here are some of my favorites, along with some random shots of a few. The Great Blue Herron and the Goldfinches.

As Always: Keep Smiling!!! (:




Coffee Shop writers…

For the last few months, I’ve been coming to the coffee shop to write, once maybe twice a week.  Now I also write from home-but often get more inspired when I come here.  The smell of the coffee flavors, the whirring of the cappuccino machine, the buzzing of conversations all around me.

As I’m writing, I take breaks to people watch.  It always makes me wonder what people are doing on their laptops. Typing away, headphones in, some chatting on and on into their phones.  Many may be working remotely.  Some come here just for the free wi-fi.

No matter why they are here.  It’s a good vibe here. It’s one of my happy places and has helped me write lots of blog entries and has helped me finish my book. I like the fact that I have the freedom to write where ever I want and that this happy little coffee shop can be an inspiration to some of my writings.

As always: Keep smiling!!! (:


Publishing your own book…

For the past few months I’ve been working on my book and getting it ready to self-publish.  My mom is illustrating it and I did the writing.  It’s been a dream of ours to do this for a long time.  Well… I finally finished a few months ago.  I’ve been working off and on for a few years on this children’s book.  Now some would wonder why did it take me so long.  Well, my only excuse is… sometimes life gets in the way of our dreams. I know it’s a lame excuse.  But, my children were younger and activities to this place and that place took over.  And I always put them first.

Now my kids are young adults and a series of events in the last few months really pushed me to finish.  And… I’m really happy with the way the book is coming out and how the story is told.  I tell myself a lot that life is too short and I just have to go for it!

So these last couple months my mom and I have been refining and working on all the details.  What I thought was going to be easy, isn’t.  The story isn’t the hard part, it’s getting it on the right files to upload to the self publishing company that’s been challenging.  But… I look at all of this as a learning experience and I would do it all over again.  And it’s also pushing me to continue with a few more ideas to get written and keep on publishing!

So stay tuned and I will make the announcement here and all over my social media sights when it’s ready.  I have to say I am really proud of it and can’t wait to share it with everyone!

As always: Keep smiling!!! (:  and go for the dreams and make them a reality~



Some favorite childhood books…

We all have our favorite childhood books that we’ve read and maybe over and over and over.  The one I loved and read probably a 100 times ( more or less), was Harriet the Spy, by Louise Fitzhugh.  There were many others too.  I kept some books-but can’t for the life of me find my Harriet the Spy book.   The character inspired me to write. I wanted to be just like her.  She kept journals upon journals of notes.  She spied on people and wrote down everything. It’s an adventure that turns into a misadventure as the book goes on.  I absolutely wanted to be just like Harriet when I was 9.

As I got a little older I found some other books that fascinated me and would read them several times over too.  It’s amazing how books can impact our lives, especially our younger selves.  I would get so lost in the characters world.  Time would just fly and sometimes I could read a good book in 2 hours.

I wish I had more time to read now-but I find myself more and more wanting to write and want another child to get lost in my books the way I got lost in others when I was young.

As always: Keep smiling!!! (:






The Smell of Coffee…

The whirring of the grinder

Measuring spoon clinking against the glass

Hot water boiling in the kettle

The French Press waiting to be filled

Hot water pouring into the press

The timer is set

The smell of coffee fills the air

Bing goes the timer

Pushing the Press down slowly

The smell of coffee fills the air

Coffee cup waiting for warmth

Slowly pressed  coffee fills the cup

The smell of coffee fills the air

That first sip on the tastes buds

Smelling, tasting, fresh pressed coffee fills the air


Friendships… Online and IRL…

Friendships, most of us have them. I have friends from all over the world and love the connections I’ve made.  When I make friends, I’m loyal and like keeping in touch when we can, as much as my local friends.

Now I know some people say or think that online friendships aren’t real.  I beg to differ on this subject. It’s the way of the world these days and without the technology we’d be stuck in our own little “bubble’s.”  Today’s world is much smaller this way.  But I like the fact that I get to learn about different cultures and languages.

No matter how we meet people, whether it’s at the gym, store, coffee shop, or online, let yourself be open and honest and up for meeting someone new.  It’s a whole new learning experience.

The friends I’ve met from overseas really inspire me to learn another language and want to explore Europe.  It’s another goal on my 2018 list.  One I hope to accomplish later this year.

As always: Keep Smiling! (:



Winter Blues…

January started off for me with a lot of goals and excitement.  And I was doing really well.  Then… The awful flu hit me last week. I was down for several days.  On the sofa, in bed, just watching mindless tv and wishing I was writing and doing my other things that I want to accomplish.  But of course the nasty flu wouldn’t let me do any of this.  I tried-but my body said “no.”  I knew I had to rest to get better.

Well, now that I’m feeling good, I feel like I’m spiraling into the “Winter Blues,” the downward slide of becoming depressed.  I hate this feeling and am fighting so hard not to fall to deep.  Part of my being sick with the flu gave me too much time to “think.”  What I mean by that is, to much time to dwell on some of the past.  To much time to “overthink” things I have no control over.

So, this week I’m fighting very hard to get back on track.  “Trying so hard to get out of my “funk” and focus on what makes me happy.  Family, good friends, and my upcoming book I’m publishing.  I’ve also planned a few days away for some “ME” time.

I know I can get back on track.  I’m looking at my daily planner and smile because everything in it is positive and will help me get out of this “Winter Blues” space.

As Always: Keep Smiling!!! (:





Winter’s Rain…

Sitting at my desk

Listening to the rain drops

Tinkling against the windows

Flooding down like a shower

Like heavy tears from above

Pouring down

It’s a cold winter’s rain

Not like Spring’s  happy rain

Mother Nature’s way of cleansing

Sending tears from above

Making room for new rain

Spring time rain

A happier rain

And new beginnings