Uncertain future…

While I was having coffee with a friend yesterday, our conversation became political.  Now it wasn’t heated which is good-because I was always told not to discuss politics or religion.  My friend and I are on the same page and it made it easier to discuss our feelings and concerns.  During our conversation an older woman was sitting across from us reading and I’m sure getting a kick out of what we were saying.  After about 15 minutes she got up and left.  My friend looked at her and apologized about our conversation.  She looked at us and we immediately new she was on our side.  We had a wonderful discussion with her about our concerns for our country’s future.

My point to this is: That we need to really pay attention and fight for what we need and what needs to be kept to keep this a great country.  There’s so much fear and animosity going on-It’s so sad to see this.  My wish is that we come together and stop all the hate and work together.  Quit looking at the outside of people and see the inside-this is the true person.  We need to quit “judging books by the cover.”

As always: Keep smiling! (: