Stopping and breathing…

A couple of  days ago-I went out to my parents place for the day.  Now anyone familiar with the Pacific Northwest may know where the Hood Canal is and how beautiful the mountain scenery is.  My mom and step father have a beautiful log home they had custom built.  It’s absolutely stunning.  The views, the trees, the birds, everything.  It’s so peaceful.   It really makes you “stop and smell the roses.”

Now I’m a “city girl” at heart-but every once in awhile It’s nice to be away from the “hustle bustle” and just relax  your mind, turn off the electronics and just rest and enjoy the little things all around.   I took my camera out and had so much fun taking pictures of nature and freeing myself  from all that may be bothering me.

I think we all need to take a “mental break” from the crazy lifestyles we lead and just relax, reboot, recharge, breathe and become inspired .