Socks in a box…

Tomorrow will be 13 years since my grandmother passed away.  It never gets easier-you always miss the ones you love.  Lately I’ve been drawn to this box of memories that I have of hers.  It’s inspiring me to write a book and I always find something new in this box-even after 13 years.  My grandmother was a very spunky lady and quirky at times too.  She kept things that fascinate me.  Old newspaper clippings, receipts, dates of when she bought or repaired something were written down on pieces of paper.  I even found a 1939 quarter wrapped in cellophane.  The one thing that made me laugh and smile is 2 pairs of socks in this box.  I don’t know why they are in there.  But I’m sure there’s an interesting story behind it.  One I’ll never know -but I’ll always be curious.  These socks will always make me smile when I look at them.  Things we keep and why I guess sometimes are meant to stay a mystery.

As always: Keep Smiling!!!  (:



The socks from the box (: