My daily walks along the path help me reflect, think and clear my head.  Sometimes I just listen to music and dream away.  I also love to soak in all the natural beauty.  The sky the trees, the birds, the clouds, the flowers, etc… There’s something about these walks that help me move on with certain decisions I need to make, or just help motivate me on a project I might be contemplating or working on.  I don’t always know what natural beauty I may come across on my walks.  Today I came across a beautiful Great Blue Herron.  It was standing in the water so close to the path. Beautifully positioned with it’s reflection below.  Everyday is a new adventure on my walks.   I never know what I’ll see, and besides re-energizing me it makes me look forward to the next walk and what wonder of nature I’ll see next.

IMG_3096As always: Keep smiling!  (: