Privacy?…non existent in our world…

Ok, I get it, we live in a world of fantastic technology.  I’m not a prude, I’m not an old fart.  But, it’s amazing to me how small the world has become.  Without this I would not have met some very dear and wonderful people in my life.  But, I draw the line when it comes to filming every little thing that goes on in someone else’s private life.  Yes, it has saved peoples ass’s when proof is needed-but some people just go too far.  I know this will never happen -but we really need to respect each other’s privacy. And I know we all post our lives on social media, but let that be our decision, not someone else’s.   Privacy: seems it is not an option anymore. We simply don’t have any.  So,  why not just pee with the doors open from now on.  Why not?  The world is watching everything else.


As always:  Keep Smiling!!!  🙂