London calling…all of Europe actually

I sit here and try to write and my mind keeps wandering back to London.  I love that city and England so much.  This is the only country I’ve been to in Europe and want to explore more of it.  Yes, I have the “travel bug.”  London is a hustle bustle city like most big cities, some similarities like the US-but also very different.   Lately I’ve been fascinated by history.  And I just want to soak up the European atmosphere and what lies behind it.

Ten years ago I would’ve turned my nose up at history.  It’s funny how we keep growing, even as adults.  I find myself wanting to know more about the world.  Not the bad stuff. The historical parts, the different cultures, religions, traditions.   This has become my inspiration for my book.  I feel like too much history is getting lost.  It’s so important that we carry it on from generation to generation.  It’s how we’ve become who we are today .  So much of it gives us the knowledge and reasons behind what may be happening now.

Next stop, Paris? Amsterdam?Madrid? Italy? All of these countries and more…

As always: Keep Smiling!!!  (: