#London calling… #Paris too (:

I’ve been to London twice in the last year and I just can’t get enough of it.  The first time was a journey for me- I went alone for a week.  It was so empowering to do this alone and my first time alone on a long flight to a foreign country.  It’s a time in my life where I just need to feel free-so many decisions to be made and so many dreams to fill-and one that I really want is to write.  Ok so I know most of us want to publish a book or our stories.  But, I’m so determined to make this happen some how.  But… the one thing that is calling out to me is to move to another country and just embrace different cultures, and write about my experiences.

I find London to be so fascinating and really want to feel this experience again. My goal is to go again this summer along with Paris and possibly Amsterdam.

No matter how young or old we are -the journey we take ourselves on can really help us grow as a person.  See things in a different light.