Inner fears hidden…

On the outside someone can look so happy, free and it can always look like nothing ever bothers them.  But… I’ve come to realize that everyone is scared of something(s).  We all project or hide our fears in different ways.  For example -me being very new at my job-I put on a happy face, smile, and try to exude a lot of confidence.  When deep down inside I’m scared to death and my stomach is in a flip flop the whole time I’m working.  On a side note a customer told me “you’re doing great, and you’re smiling.” This little compliment went a long way with me today.  Because deep down, my anxiety level was very high.  I just keep telling myself and remember the “Little Engine that Could.” ” I think I can, I think  I can, I think I can,” and turn it into an ” I know I can” mantra and all will be good.

Keep Smiling Everyone!


i think

Image by :Leslie’s Love Prints