Happy Chaos

As sit here at my desk- I just look around and see it’s a chaotic mess.  But I seem to know where everything is.  Creative people tend to be messy-I think we thrive off of this.  It always keeps me guessing where I put things.  But, in the meant time my mind is churning and thinking about what I want to write about next or maybe what type of photography I’d like to take that day.  I guess you could say I’m a good multi-tasker.   I always have a million things going on at once.  It keeps my mind going and I thrive off of this.  I also make jewelry once in a while.  Of course many different projects going on at once -but do manage to finish them. Don’t get me started on that mess.  It’s funny how we  as artists are like this.  In my opinion I think it helps us stay how we are and love what we do and therefore CREATE!

As always:  Keep Smiling!!!