Don’t let anyone Kill your dreams!

I’ve run across a few people lately who just try to bring me down.  These type of people seem to thrive off of this type of behavior.  While some dreams may seem unattainable to them- I’m trying very hard not to let them get me down and discourage me from what I want to do.  As we get older I think we learn to let the negativity bounce off of us more and try to stay positive.  Life is too beautiful and too short for this type of bad energy.  Shoot for the stars and make that dream a reality.

What dreams do you want to make happen?


As always: Keep Smiling!  (:



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Taking the next step… making #dreams come true

As I sit here today-one thing keeps crossing my mind.  That is to write and travel -I want to pursue this dream together somehow.  As  I’ve said before, I don’t want feel the woulda, coulda, shoulda, and I  just have to keep on pushing myself to make this happen.  I have to keep reaching for the stars, and stop procrastinating and just do it!!!  How many of us out there say we want something, talk about it and then just sit and wait for it to come to us.  I know this isn’t going to happen unless I keep reaching for that farthest star and really make it happen and go for it!!!   What dreams do you want to pursue?   We need to make them happen!

As always:  Keep smiling! (: