When I get treated badly by someone for no apparent reason-I always wonder why this person feels the need to be such a bully or let me just say it a “bitch.” This has  recently happened to me and it seems to happen too much. I try so hard to have compassion and most of the time I do-but lately I’m just sick of the lack of compassion and rudeness.  So I put up my “walls” and tend to be on my own.  I think I’m just to nice and my skin isn’t thick enough to be around negative people all the time.  People tend to be too quick to judge-I know we can all be that way-I try not to judge people-you never know what type of day they’re having-but… In my experience lately it seems to many judgements are being passed and it needs to stop!  If someone is new to a job or situation -get off your “high horse” and be kind and help them out.  Remember we were all new to a situation once-and the worse thing you can do is be judgey and pissy -it just brings that person down even more.  A little kindness can go a long way.

As always- Keep Smiling!  (:



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