My trip to Austin TX…

First time ever to Austin, TX two weeks ago and  I absolutely loved it.  It’s a lot like Portland and Seattle.  Living now in Seattle I could see a lot of similarities.  Live music, street musicians, vegetarian options.  The people are so friendly and welcoming.  The live music is all that and more.

Of course Texas is known for it’s BBQ, chicken fried steak, anything beef, and crawfish,the Brunches, mimosas, all of it made me fall in love with this city.

A few places that are a must– Magnolias Cafes,  love the slogan “Sorry we’re open.” The brunch menu has many delicious options and daily specials, along with mimosas by the carafe, or just the glass.  Threadgills was another place I brunched-delicious buffet and an omellette bar.  There are so many good food places here-I can’t remember them all.

Another must see and do is the Austin music scene.  6th Street is known for great live music.  We ended up at a bar called Friends. Ruby Dice and Dave Scher are the two bands that were playing that Saturday afternoon.  I absolutely loved the music.  The crowd was very friendly and lots of fun to watch.  I would like to see both of these bands again.

There are so many places to watch live music on this street that one weekend is not enough time to catch them all. I now get why Austin is called the music capitol.  That evening we went to a club called Emos and saw Led Zeppelin 2.  Awesome cover band. The lead sounds exactly like Robert Plant.

A few other places that I went to was the Texas State Capitol building, Brighton Springs, Zilker Park, University of Texas and of course I had to hit up a local book store, Bookpeople.  I’m finding myself drawn to getting quirky books on the cities I visit now.  I bought Keeping Austin Weird.  It’s filled with many different photos and places of the city.  Very interesting and can’t wait to dive into it more.

It also fascinated me that they preserve a lot of their old signs that are out in front of restaurants, car washes, hotels, etc…

Needless to say I can’t wait to get back to Austin again and explore more of it.