Dealing with a loved one’s illness…

About 8 years ago my Aunt had a stroke-now she’s still able to talk and her mind is great.  She does have disabilities with her hands and legs-but can get around with a walker.  She’s now living in a long term facility because she was recently diagnosed with terminal breast cancer and unfortunately it has spread into her bones.

I was fortunate enough to be able to visit with her with my mom ( this is my mom’s sister).  We went in June and just last week.

Now this whole experience has brought back so many childhood memories.  My cousin (her daughter) we are the same age.  She has been a godsend  to her mother.  She’s constantly keeping up to date with whats going on with her-Her medications, treatment, how she eats, etc…  She is there everyday visiting her and taking care of small needs and encouraging my aunt to stay positive.  And that is not an easy task.  I would do the same for my mom.  We were all so close growing up, my cousins and my siblings and I.

It’s hard to see a loved one in so much pain-My aunt was this beautiful, vivacious women,  She’s still beautiful, her soul is so kind and giving.  I must say that it was a great visit with her and my cousin- It is something I will not forget.  We must remember to keep the good memories and moments with us always.








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