Reflecting on What’s next…

So many changes happening in my life.  It’s a bit overwhelming and a little exciting.   My kids are young adults -18 and 21 and it’s strange how they go from needing you all the time -to not.   It’s like a brick just hits you in the face and bammmmmm!!!! you’re supposed to figure out a new way of life.  Now when they were little things were so busy and it was on my mind a lot to look forward to when they became young adults and fend for themselves.  But… be careful what you wish for -because it all happens so fast.

The stage I’m in now is full of confusion and uncertainty.  I know now I have more time to do what I want, like writing and some art work, but… I’m having a hard time organizing my time.  When the kids were younger it was always a get up and hurry all day long.  It’s like my mind and body are happy to have some freedom-but it really doesn’t know how to handle the less chaotic way of life.  It’s a big adjustment.  One that takes time-but… I don’t want to sit and ponder and do nothing, so now I must embark on my next journey of life and do for me.

As always: keep smiling!!!  🙂DSCN0503


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