Wishes, dreams & hope

As I look up into the sky many wishes and dreams are sent

Upward to the moon and stars

I take a deep breath

Close my eyes

Sending all my energy

Strength and hope


Wishing upon the stars and moon

Hoping, wishing, praying

Upon the stars and moon


Writers Block…

IMG_4433Ugh so much in my head, but can’t get it written right. 😦  The only thing that I can write lately are poems, but they’re personal and not sure if I want to share with everyone.  At times I want to give up-but know this isn’t the answer.  Soon I hope the creativity poors out.

As always Keep Smiling!!!  🙂



being sick and how it messes with our emotions…

I caught a really bad cold last weekend-which has since turned into an upper respiratory infection.  During my healing process I’ve been feeling down and out.  Now I know this is common to feel blah when sick-but I feel like the whole world is tumbling down and you find out who your real friends are.  I know I’m probably just over-reacting with my emotions-but it really does not help oneself when all you want to hear from someone is -How are you feeling? anything I can do?   Well, clearly I’m oversensitive and just feeling so emotional with this infection.   But it’s strange how certain things can mess with our psyche and how we feel about everything around us.    Especially because I’m most always a positive person.   I will fight hard through this and come out more positive.  Thats my plan anyways.

As always: Keep smiling!!! (: