Our Furbabies…

Sometimes I really feel animals save us.  I adopted a toothless blue eyed beauty siamese mix cat about 8 years ago.  My daughter and I picked her out of many cats available. It seemed no one wanted Bluebell because she was toothless, different and getting to be a senior cat.  We loved her right away.  I love that she was different, It didn’t matter to us that she had no teeth or that she wasn’t a kitten.  Lately she had been having some health issues.  Sadly two  nights ago we had to have her put to sleep and she crossed over the rainbow bridge.  It was so hard to stay composed.  As I talked to her softly she looked at me as if she knew it was time.  I gave her one last pet and kiss and let her go.

Animals are so important in our lives, she was a great joy to have and I miss her like crazy, I miss her sassy mews when she was hungry and how talkative she was.  It’s strange, even my dogs new there was something wrong and can feel the sadness in the air.  They really are a significant part of our lives, and I truly believe we have to go through the grieving process just like you would for a human being.

It never gets easy and now I just have to heal and move on knowing she’s out of pain and onto a better place.

RIP my sweet Bluebell- 5/17/18


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