Inside vs. Outside…

I wonder how many of us look good on the outside ( what I mean is happy) and on the inside a little part of us may be dying or just feel a little off.   As I’ve written before-we can’t judge books by their covers.  I’m happy everyday-but there are times during the day I’m not and feel anxious and down.  Now this doesn’t happen everyday-but when it does it tries to consume me and I fight hard to push it away and find my happy place, talk to good friends or… just write and also take long walks with music and my camera.  Just remember we’re all fighting some type of battle or demons.  Time and lots of patience is what is needed.  All I can say is just be there for those who need us.  Even of they don’t want us there -be there in the background-it does help.

As always: Keep Smiling!!!IMG_2266


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