Inside vs. Outside…

I wonder how many of us look good on the outside ( what I mean is happy) and on the inside a little part of us may be dying or just feel a little off.   As I’ve written before-we can’t judge books by their covers.  I’m happy everyday-but there are times during the day I’m not and feel anxious and down.  Now this doesn’t happen everyday-but when it does it tries to consume me and I fight hard to push it away and find my happy place, talk to good friends or… just write and also take long walks with music and my camera.  Just remember we’re all fighting some type of battle or demons.  Time and lots of patience is what is needed.  All I can say is just be there for those who need us.  Even of they don’t want us there -be there in the background-it does help.

As always: Keep Smiling!!!IMG_2266


Why all the drama?…

Why is it necessary for people to have drama, cause drama, or just create it?  Life can be hard enough with everyday things.  What can I say this week is just a weird week in general.  I feel the “drama queen” is coming out in everyone.  I can be guilty of this too.  My theory is it’s our way of getting attention or trying to get what we want by making a situation worse than it is.  Some people “feed” off this type of energy.  It “feeds” their inner beast.  As I’ve said before, we all need to breathe, reboot and find our happy place, and try to “let it go!”

As always Keep smiling!!!



Just when I think I have some things figured out, a hiccup will come along and disrupt my thinking or outcome of what I want to do.  But, I just have to tell myself that it’s ok and that I can adjust and move on in a different direction.  I’m trying not to stress about silly things anymore- I practice positive thinking and try to project that upon others and whatever project I may be working on.  It’s been a long road and I’m still learning… But… it makes life so much happier.  We all need to think and be more positive.  People and even animals feed off of this energy.  So, when I’m feeling down I try my best to bring myself up with positive thoughts.  Whether it’s talking to close friends, reading or even taking a walk, it all seems to help me get through the times when I’m feeling down.  Try to remember to look at the beauty in life, take a breath and find your happy place.

As always: KEEP SMILING!!!






My swimming head…

As writers we all know we have to try to write everyday to keep up our momentum, to improve our skills, and to keep ourselves motivated.  If not we lose it.  We may also lose our audience.  So even if I’m writing about nothing, it helps me.  Sometimes I can write a whole article or a book idea in my head and when I sit down to write it I forget it.  It can be very frustrating-but I know it’ll come back to me eventually.  I also am starting to make  reminders in my phone about what I want to write and have lots of sticky notes with words and ideas.  My other struggle is the often interruptions from my “fur babies” and sometimes my now 18 year old daughter.  Any one with kids whether furry or human probably can relate.

I’ve become very good at multi tasking-but… also have a bit of ADD in me too.  So, sometimes it’s just easier to pack the lap top up and move on out to the coffee shop or park or bookstore or… Well, that’s another story.  I’m easily distracted by people watching too.  I just have to focus and forge ahead.

As always: Keep Smiling!!!  (:



London calling…all of Europe actually

I sit here and try to write and my mind keeps wandering back to London.  I love that city and England so much.  This is the only country I’ve been to in Europe and want to explore more of it.  Yes, I have the “travel bug.”  London is a hustle bustle city like most big cities, some similarities like the US-but also very different.   Lately I’ve been fascinated by history.  And I just want to soak up the European atmosphere and what lies behind it.

Ten years ago I would’ve turned my nose up at history.  It’s funny how we keep growing, even as adults.  I find myself wanting to know more about the world.  Not the bad stuff. The historical parts, the different cultures, religions, traditions.   This has become my inspiration for my book.  I feel like too much history is getting lost.  It’s so important that we carry it on from generation to generation.  It’s how we’ve become who we are today .  So much of it gives us the knowledge and reasons behind what may be happening now.

Next stop, Paris? Amsterdam?Madrid? Italy? All of these countries and more…

As always: Keep Smiling!!!  (:



Who are we to judge?

Ok, I’m going to get serious here. I try to keep my blogs short and sweet-but I feel compelled to tell my story.
Since when is it ok to have unsolicited “D” pics sent to us women and vice versa “Vajayjay” and boob pics to a man?
We especially as women have always been targeted. We’re not pretty enough, we’re too fat,we’re to thin, we wear to much make-up or not enough. Or… we dress to matronly or too “slutty.” We have problem in our society with this. I blame the media, social media, the magazines, the movies, tv shows, etc.. They all show that women need to be beautiful all the time- This in my opinion sets the standards so high for men. It seems to be ok for a man to age. They become “distinguished”. We as women become shut out and told we’re too old after a certain age. What type of message is this sending our young girls. It’s a pretty “shitty” one if you ask me.
So when I have my profile pic up on a certain sight, I shouldn’t have to hide myself, I should be able to put a pic of me up. But lately I’ve taken them down because I get unsolicited pictures and inappropriate proposals. It becomes “judging a book by it’s cover.”
I feel society thinks it’s easy for someone who is pretty- that life is handed to them on a “silver platter.” Well, guess what -some of have to work hard to get what we want and to be taken seriously.
I’ve fought hard to accept who I am and who I’ve become. I was an “ugly duckling” as a child. Very thin, no boobs and straggly hair. I always wanted to fit in with the “cool kids”. In middle school some boys would make fun of me and call me “flat as a board” or “flat as a pancake.”  Yes, I was bullied, but it wasn’t taken seriously by anyone.  I was always afraid to wear dresses and shorts to school. I was so self conscious about my skinny legs. I was a dancer and a swimmer-somehow my teammates and fellow dancers were the only ones I felt comfortable around. In highschool I would get accused of being anorexic or bulimic-when only my family and closest friends knew I ate like a pig and never threw my food up.
There were times I would go home in tears. My mom was the greatest. She would just tell me they were all jealous. I of course as a  teen didn’t believe this. I thought why are these “mean girls” jealous of me?
As I look back it all makes sense. Body image has always been a thing. Just look at all the magazines and what we see on social media, etc…
But, I’ve always asked myself this question- Who decides who is pretty, who decides who isn’t? Why can’t we just look at people without judgement? It’s what’s on the inside that counts. We need to get to know the person on the inside before passing judgement. This needs to start as a very young child. Children need to be taught that it doesn’t matter what a person looks like, what a person is wearing, what that person’s culture, religion or color of their skin is. They need to be taught that we are all equal. Get to know the person first, be kind, stop judging, stop assuming!
And yes guys, we don’t all want your “D” pics sent to us nor do we want to send our boobs and vajayjays to you.
We are human beings who deserve respect, love and a chance to be who we want to be in this world.
My motto is: “Do you!”
As always: Keep Smiling!!! (:



Socks in a box…

Tomorrow will be 13 years since my grandmother passed away.  It never gets easier-you always miss the ones you love.  Lately I’ve been drawn to this box of memories that I have of hers.  It’s inspiring me to write a book and I always find something new in this box-even after 13 years.  My grandmother was a very spunky lady and quirky at times too.  She kept things that fascinate me.  Old newspaper clippings, receipts, dates of when she bought or repaired something were written down on pieces of paper.  I even found a 1939 quarter wrapped in cellophane.  The one thing that made me laugh and smile is 2 pairs of socks in this box.  I don’t know why they are in there.  But I’m sure there’s an interesting story behind it.  One I’ll never know -but I’ll always be curious.  These socks will always make me smile when I look at them.  Things we keep and why I guess sometimes are meant to stay a mystery.

As always: Keep Smiling!!!  (:



The socks from the box (:


My daily walks along the path help me reflect, think and clear my head.  Sometimes I just listen to music and dream away.  I also love to soak in all the natural beauty.  The sky the trees, the birds, the clouds, the flowers, etc… There’s something about these walks that help me move on with certain decisions I need to make, or just help motivate me on a project I might be contemplating or working on.  I don’t always know what natural beauty I may come across on my walks.  Today I came across a beautiful Great Blue Herron.  It was standing in the water so close to the path. Beautifully positioned with it’s reflection below.  Everyday is a new adventure on my walks.   I never know what I’ll see, and besides re-energizing me it makes me look forward to the next walk and what wonder of nature I’ll see next.

IMG_3096As always: Keep smiling!  (:



Spring renewal…

Sometimes I just sit and look at all the flowers and brand new nature that surrounds us in the Spring time.  While going on my walks it clears my mind and helps me look at life in a different way.  Spring time is a time of renewal, a time for new beginnings.  It can also be a fresh start on life, friendships, etc…  Winter time can be beautiful scenery wise-but for me it’s also a time that I sometimes fall deep into darkness.  So, this year I tried something different and got out on walks as much as possible.  Clearing away the cobwebs and overthinking that can often happen.  It did help me, and during that time my head became more positive.  Now it’s not always easy-but now that Spring is here I slowly feel myself feeling a little better each day.  And yes, sometimes I fall-but I am always trying to stay positive and always pass this on to everyone around me.


As always: Keep smiling!!! 🙂