Hidden History

I once again went through the “box of history” of my grandmother’s.  I call it this because of all the hidden treasures I’ve been coming across.  I’ve had this box for 13 years -but have only been through it a few times.  Today it was like it was calling to me to look and see again.  I came across some old rosaries that were my grandparents, my dad and Aunt’s.  They are so beautiful and makes me wonder what stories of confessions are hidden in each bead.  This old box has made me really think a lot about all the history that our grandparents leave behind when they pass on.  I’m starting to remember some stories and can’t wait to write them down.  We need to pay attention to our older relatives, listen, ask questions.  Their history is a precious gift and one that should be passed on to our present and future.  Take notes and pay attention-you never know what you may learn and it’s all pretty fascinating to me.

As always: Keep Smiling (:







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