When something is taken away…

Losing a loved one is never easy-I lost my grandmother in 2004.  April 14,2004  to be exact.  She was my rock at the time.  We were always very close -and even though we lived in different states,  we always managed to see each other a few times a year and I always called her every Tuesday.  We would catch up on things and she would listen and I would listen.  She always told it like it was- Grandma was a feisty lady!  Loved this about her.  There’s so much to say and write about this lovely women, that it will have to be another article for another day- But my point is that when you have that person in your life and that routine of the weekly call -it’s so hard when it’s suddenly taken away.  It’s been almost 13 years and not a Tuesday goes by when I don’t want to pick up the phone call her.

I’m sure this sounds weird to some-but I still feel her presence around me and can smell her.  I’ll never forget when the hospital called and said that she passed on.   I went to see her one last time,  I held her hand- it was so soft-I will never forget that feeling-I didn’t want to let go.  I kissed her forehead one last time and walked out of the room- at the time I had no tears and really never had them… Until now.  Life is funny on how we each deal with death- But, I know she’s always with me and cherish all the memories and times I got to spend with her.



my lovely grandmother Ruth  (:


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