Hidden History

I once again went through the “box of history” of my grandmother’s.  I call it this because of all the hidden treasures I’ve been coming across.  I’ve had this box for 13 years -but have only been through it a few times.  Today it was like it was calling to me to look and see again.  I came across some old rosaries that were my grandparents, my dad and Aunt’s.  They are so beautiful and makes me wonder what stories of confessions are hidden in each bead.  This old box has made me really think a lot about all the history that our grandparents leave behind when they pass on.  I’m starting to remember some stories and can’t wait to write them down.  We need to pay attention to our older relatives, listen, ask questions.  Their history is a precious gift and one that should be passed on to our present and future.  Take notes and pay attention-you never know what you may learn and it’s all pretty fascinating to me.

As always: Keep Smiling (:








I sit here on this rainy day and am happy I was able to push myself to go on my daily walk.   Today I needed this time to think and clear my head.  Sometimes these days can really make me overthink and I hate overthinking.  So a good walk can wash that right away.  The trick is to keep that feeling at bay when my walk is done.  I have to keep reminding myself that life is good and all the positives out weigh the negatives.  Life is Good!  

As always Keep smiling! (:



Taking the next step… making #dreams come true

As I sit here today-one thing keeps crossing my mind.  That is to write and travel -I want to pursue this dream together somehow.  As  I’ve said before, I don’t want feel the woulda, coulda, shoulda, and I  just have to keep on pushing myself to make this happen.  I have to keep reaching for the stars, and stop procrastinating and just do it!!!  How many of us out there say we want something, talk about it and then just sit and wait for it to come to us.  I know this isn’t going to happen unless I keep reaching for that farthest star and really make it happen and go for it!!!   What dreams do you want to pursue?   We need to make them happen!

As always:  Keep smiling! (:




When I get treated badly by someone for no apparent reason-I always wonder why this person feels the need to be such a bully or let me just say it a “bitch.” This has  recently happened to me and it seems to happen too much. I try so hard to have compassion and most of the time I do-but lately I’m just sick of the lack of compassion and rudeness.  So I put up my “walls” and tend to be on my own.  I think I’m just to nice and my skin isn’t thick enough to be around negative people all the time.  People tend to be too quick to judge-I know we can all be that way-I try not to judge people-you never know what type of day they’re having-but… In my experience lately it seems to many judgements are being passed and it needs to stop!  If someone is new to a job or situation -get off your “high horse” and be kind and help them out.  Remember we were all new to a situation once-and the worse thing you can do is be judgey and pissy -it just brings that person down even more.  A little kindness can go a long way.

As always- Keep Smiling!  (:



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Recently my courage has been tested.  I started about a month or so ago as a barista in “a big name coffee place.”  Now I thought this was going to be a good fit for me and a great experience.  Turns out not so much.  Everyday that I went into this place I was facing my fears, fears that I might fail and not be good enough.  Turns out I am good enough… but…. I just don’t see myself in this type of work for a place that is so big.  I prefer to be in a smaller more intimate environment.  I’m proud of myself for putting myself out there-but sometimes we just have to know when it’s time to move on and do what we love instead.

As always,  Keep smiling (:





Making our #dreams & #goals a #reality…

Attacking that goal- really wanting to achieve it.  This has been a big thing for me lately.  I have  a few goals that I really want to achieve and know deep down I have to do it!!! I don’t want it to be a woulda, shoulda, coulda thing.  Life is to short to not take chances. I will do these things, I have to get off the “fear train” and keep on moving forward to achieve these goals, take a risk and make it a reality and not a dream.  Achieving our “happiness” and believing in ourselves and our goals.

As always keep smiling (:




Ah the first day of Spring is finally here.  Spring to me is a time of renewal.  It’s a time for us to get energized and be happy for the new things in life, the fresh flowers, trees, etc…

Appreciation of things has been on my mind and when I look at all the new life and growth around me, it helps me realize that everything we do is a lesson in life and helps us grow more as a person.  I’m always learning and still question myself constantly about why I do some of the things I do.  Like right now I’m in a new job and not sure it’s for me.  I’m letting myself “try it on” for a little bit longer-but I know deep down it’s not the right thing for me.  My true love is the arts and writing .  This is what I need to constantly be working on.    So, as I always say-    Keep Smiling (:IMG_2685

#London calling… #Paris too (:

I’ve been to London twice in the last year and I just can’t get enough of it.  The first time was a journey for me- I went alone for a week.  It was so empowering to do this alone and my first time alone on a long flight to a foreign country.  It’s a time in my life where I just need to feel free-so many decisions to be made and so many dreams to fill-and one that I really want is to write.  Ok so I know most of us want to publish a book or our stories.  But, I’m so determined to make this happen some how.  But… the one thing that is calling out to me is to move to another country and just embrace different cultures, and write about my experiences.

I find London to be so fascinating and really want to feel this experience again. My goal is to go again this summer along with Paris and possibly Amsterdam.

No matter how young or old we are -the journey we take ourselves on can really help us grow as a person.  See things in a different light.


“S**t or get off the pot”

There comes a point in everyones life or whatever situation that is happening at that moment that we must “shit or get off the pot.”  It’s not always an easy task to do.  There may be many reasons for staying on the “pot” and not getting off or just moving slowly off of it.  At what point do we know when the time is right?  This is the million dollar question of the day.  Sometimes we know whats best and what we want to do-but sometimes it’s also in the timing of how fast or slow we get off the “pot.”  What are the obstacles we have to face when we decide to you know… “shit.”  And when we do decide, we also know that we must choose our words and actions very carefully.



Are we all truly happy all of the time?  I would say that I’m happy everyday.  Maybe not all day-but everyday I’m happy.  I recently had a friend say to me “you look good on the outside-but how is the inside of you?” at that moment I was sad-but was happy that I looked happy-but also scared because my friend new me well enough to know that something was bothering me.  Another friend said to me it’s like a “panic smile.”  And yes, I think we all get this-we all have the ” candy coated outside ” but it’s really all about how we are on the inside that counts.  Candy coating can be very deceiving, depending all on how we feel in that moment.

as always Keep Smiling!!! (: