Why is it that some have more compassion than others?  I am following a wonderful angel on Facebook and instagram.  She is on a mission to save as many dogs, animals, any furry thing possible that may end up in a shelters death row.  Her daily multiple posts make me cry with joy and sadness.  I’ll never understand why or how people can be so cruel to anything that lives.  This also includes people.  Please if you read this please take a look at her instagram and Facebook pages.  Like her pages, follow her.  She truly is a beautiful soul and angel to these critters.  This also tells me she is just as compassionate to people too. She has a huge heart.  I also have a huge heart and it’s nice to see others that do too. I hope that we all can find a little compassion in our hearts somewhere.  When you see someone, “smile” it might just be the “pop of sunshine “that is needed in their day.  Keep smiling everyone.  (:

My fur babies below: Gracie,Zoe, Bluebell and Luna- Luna an Bluebell are my rescue’s (:

Instagram- joshandcritters

Facebook- Josh and his critters


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