Stuck in a #Blackhole or #gap

The past year and a half has been a whirlwind of changes for me.  I feel that I am now in a “gap” or partially in a “black hole.”  For me it’s  a life I’m leaving for a life of things to come.  This is a scary transition.  How do we know when it’s time to climb out, or do I just stay and linger in the “black hole”/”gap” a bit longer?   It’s a hard question to answer for some.  But for me I just want to climb out and start fresh-leave the old, begin with the new. Pursue my dreams and passions, just let myself be free and stop over thinking things.  I know what I want my next path to be -now it’s up to me to pull the trigger and go for it!





Why is it that some have more compassion than others?  I am following a wonderful angel on Facebook and instagram.  She is on a mission to save as many dogs, animals, any furry thing possible that may end up in a shelters death row.  Her daily multiple posts make me cry with joy and sadness.  I’ll never understand why or how people can be so cruel to anything that lives.  This also includes people.  Please if you read this please take a look at her instagram and Facebook pages.  Like her pages, follow her.  She truly is a beautiful soul and angel to these critters.  This also tells me she is just as compassionate to people too. She has a huge heart.  I also have a huge heart and it’s nice to see others that do too. I hope that we all can find a little compassion in our hearts somewhere.  When you see someone, “smile” it might just be the “pop of sunshine “that is needed in their day.  Keep smiling everyone.  (:

My fur babies below: Gracie,Zoe, Bluebell and Luna- Luna an Bluebell are my rescue’s (:

Instagram- joshandcritters

Facebook- Josh and his critters

Be yourself (Do You)

As I look in the water I see a reflection of myself.  I ask myself all the time-who is this person?  Do we as people put on a facade for some and not others?  I’m myself around people-but once in awhile I become someone different.  Do we do this to impress?  Are we scared of what others think and put on a different face?  Or is the person we’re different around someone we feel we need to be different and perfect  around so that that they don’t see our flaws?  Life is beautiful and we should just be ourselves even if it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do.  I’ve learned from a past experience that I am not perfect and should have never been perfect “me” around them.  We need to all be ourselves and not care what others think of us.  My motto is just “Do you.”



Are we desensitized ?

As I watch the news and read social media I sit and wonder where in the hell are these people getting their information from.  It all seems so made up or just blown out of proportion.  When I was in school we had to check and recheck our facts with 3 sources before writing it down.  This was true for any report written for any number of classes we may have taken at the time in Middle School, High School and College.  Today it seems that a lot of it is just pulled from our Asses and just written or tweeted out with out checking.

Have we become a society that will believe and report anything?  It sure seems like it.  We seem to have desensitized ourselves to many things with out checking facts first.

All I can say is “Rumor has it”




Stepping out of our comfort zone

Stepping out of my comfort zone and and just got a job as a barista.  I sit here wondering-what the fresh hell am I getting myself into?  I also teach art a couple days a week-and to me this is easy.  But lately have been thinking It’s time to step out of my comfort zone and just go for it.  Point being-I think we all get stuck in a rut and have to find something that will challenge us, our minds, our bodies.  We should never be afraid to try or do something different or something that may challenge us and open up our minds more.  Life is to short-we can’t wait for things to come to us-if it’s a dream you want to achieve-go for it! You never know where it might take you.  img_3478

Bitter/Sweet Milestones

Life is bitter/sweet.  I am celebrating the birth of my son who is 21 today.  I look back and wonder where did the time go?  How can this be already. When we’re young all we want to do is hurry up and get older-reach the fun milestones.  Like 13, 16, 18 and 21.

As we get older we just want time to slow down.  Some of us want to be younger-some of us want to stay a certain age.  I’m enjoying my age-but part of me wants to go back in the “way back machine” and be young again.  But as I always say  “age is just a number.”  It’s all about how we feel inside and out.

At what age do we really start feeling comfortable in our own skin?

Why do we assume/judge

Why do we assume or judge people and think the worse case scenario of them.

I was taught to “never judge a book by its cover.”  So I try my hardest not to judge someone by their appearance .  I’ve seen it happen all to often lately.  We need to just stop, think and reboot before we speak.  Don’t assume just because someone looks or acts differently than you is bad or weird or whatever.  This world needs more compassion.  It’s truly needed now more than ever.

Pleasant thoughts everyone  (:



“When you act with compassion you will never be wrong”

Words can make you shine, words can hurt.  Sometimes we need to find that compassion for that person, place or thing and filter out the negative and find the positive.  There’s too much negativity in this world-finding compassion is something that you will never be wrong at.