Jar full of Hearts

We’ve all been victims to this I’m sure-Someone’s “Jar of Hearts.”  Makes me wonder why

people prey on others and feel the need to break them.  I just read an article that is very

fitting for me at this time- The term “bread crumbing” (When a guy or a girl gives someone just enough attention to keep their hope of a relationship alive.)  


You killed my heart

my trust is gone

how is someone like me

supposed to move on

your cowardly ways

and awful betrays

all games to you

you like to prey

you’re icy cold heart

will never be warm

you capture hearts

then throw them away

putting them in a jar to stay



Red Flags

We go through life always learning.  We learn how to read “red flags” if you will.

But sometimes we ignore these “red flags” in hope that they’re not real or will go away.

Often times its because we are thinking too much with our Hearts and not our gut or head.

Or our innate feelings are off – blind -not wanting to see the “RED.”  And sure as shit we

always say we’ll watch out and not mistake the “RED”  for a green.  I’ve made plenty of “red flag” choices-but now slowly I think the green is taking over.  We just have to remember to pay attention to these signs more carefully.img_2209

Burying Feelings or let them Fade away?

What are we supposed to do with all our feelings of someone when they decide to unexpectedly disappear from your life?  Do we bury them so deep? Do we let them stay and fade away slowly?  This is a hard question to answer for me personally.  Wanting to move on-wanting trust and happiness with out the fear of the next person just *POOF!!!! They’re gone. How does one really get over this- They say “time heals all wounds.”  I think in a sense it does, but how fast? how slow?  This is my “million dollar question of the day.”




img_4061The Sun, the moon

two magnetic forces

so strong, pulling together

Man, Woman

two hearts, many beats

so strong, pulling together

Man, Woman

working to become one

Love so strong

not caring what others think

moving closer to becoming one

The Sun, the moon

two magnetic forces

slowly coming together as one

Hearts beating so fast

Love so strong

pulling together becoming one



When the trees are blowing in the air
the sky takes on a certain flair
When the air is blowing in the sky
I see the twinkle in your eye

When I see the moon up in the sky
I see the twinkle in your eye
When the stars are twinkling into space
I see the smile upon your face

When the sun is shining way up high
I feel the tenderness in your sigh
When the clouds begin to slowly show
I see the rain drops start to glow

When the winds begin to pick up fast
the sky begins to look like glass
When the raindrops come pounding down
I feel your smile turn around and around

Unanswered questions

“The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained.”

“What’s left unsaid, says it all.”

These two quotes say it all!  For any of us that this has happened too-Just remember time heals pain.  I’m hopefully optimistic.  New Year, new me.  We can’t let others who do bad destroy us or control us.   IMG_4157.JPG