Letting go of toxic people

I’ve met a lot of wonderful people in the last year.  It’s helped me greatly to have them in my life.  But one thing I never expected ( and it’s because I’m a good hearted person) is the friend who went just off the deep end in his thinking and how he treated me near the end of the friendship.  But last week was like an ephiphany-I just had to let him go-delete this person from my life-He totally went against what his religion is about and disappointed me and he totally disrespected me.   Anyway, the point is no matter how hard it is you just sometimes have to erase certain people or things in your life.  I of course still have mixed emotions but also a big sense of relief.  I feel this negativity was blocking other good to enter my life.  And now I.can.BREATHE. again.  IMG_3894.JPG


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