Letting go of toxic people

I’ve met a lot of wonderful people in the last year.  It’s helped me greatly to have them in my life.  But one thing I never expected ( and it’s because I’m a good hearted person) is the friend who went just off the deep end in his thinking and how he treated me near the end of the friendship.  But last week was like an ephiphany-I just had to let him go-delete this person from my life-He totally went against what his religion is about and disappointed me and he totally disrespected me.   Anyway, the point is no matter how hard it is you just sometimes have to erase certain people or things in your life.  I of course still have mixed emotions but also a big sense of relief.  I feel this negativity was blocking other good to enter my life.  And now I.can.BREATHE. again.  IMG_3894.JPG


London Phone booth

I love these old red phone booths that I saw all over London.   Many are not workable and seem to be a place where many of us take selfies or pictures for fun.

I sometimes wish we could be like Superman and go in and come out someone different or teleport to someone we love or a place we want to be at that time.

And if I could have one super power it would be to have the ability to teleport. Especially nowadays when we have access to so much on the way of meeting new people from all over the world.

I have met some wonderful new friends this way and wish that I could meet all of them across the globe.

Hmmm…. Teleportation a wonderful wish.  img_0545

The Red Door

I saw this red door in London last week-Red doors are always welcoming-I don’t know why-but they’re intriguing to me and I wonder what type of stories are behind them.

We all have some type of story to tell. I guess it’s how we choose to tell that story.  Do we embellish, tell the truth or mix a little of both into it.

I myself have a story to tell but not quite sure where to start or if I want the embellishment  or truth to be told.  I think I know what way I’ll go.

Stay tuned…img_0522

Still figuring things out

We have baby boomer, Gen X, Gen Y and Millenials, where do we go from here. As a Gen X female, life is still a mystery to me-for that matter people in general are.  I’m always one to go with the flow of change and in fact love it-but lately life seems more tricky, complicated in some areas.

For example I’ve recently separated from my husband.  The thought of marriage to him just isn’t there at this time.  Not many understand why and it’s not for them too-It’s a long drawn out story –

So starting life again in a different way is all new and adventerous-but also scary at the same time.

So, my question to myself is Am I doing the right thing? After 23 years of marriage-do I stay married and drift off to another romance secretly or do I “jump ship” and forge on hoping that happiness is there for me somewhere.