Whats happening with our Manners?…

As I was driving yesterday doing deliveries for Uber Eats ( an article to come soon about this).  I noticed that we have lost our manners.  I always do my best to give a friendly wave as a sign of  “Thank you” for letting me in to the lane or just getting in front of you.  Lately I’ve noticed more and more that people just are oblivious and just don’t care.  This also holds true for just being polite in general.  I was taught growing up to always say, Please, Thank you, and You’re Welcome, Excuse me,  I’m sorry.  Well you get the gist.  I think we as a society are falling short of this and a little bit of these small words can go  a long way.  So, thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and remember the smallest gesture, whether it be words of kindness, or just a friendly wave or a smile can go far and make things better.  There’s too much anger in the world.  Let’s make it Happy again!

As always:  Keep Smiling!!!  🙂





One step forward… 2 steps back…

Do you ever feel like when you think you’ve made progress, a “monkey” gets thrown in and sets you back.  Grrrrr.  I hate this feeling.  It’s like you fight so long and hard and then BAM!!! you get hit with a setback.  Life is full of challenges, but really how much are we supposed to endure.  I feel as though sometimes I’m on a merry-go-round that just won’t stop and rest.   I’m taking it as another sign to myself that I’m in need of a change.

It’s time to re-evaluate and just do.  It’s easy to put into words and say we’re going to do this.   The hard part is putting the words and thoughts into action.  Sometimes I think we need to set goals and along with our goals a time line has to be set.

As always:  Keep smiling!!!  (:





Stopping and breathing…

A couple of  days ago-I went out to my parents place for the day.  Now anyone familiar with the Pacific Northwest may know where the Hood Canal is and how beautiful the mountain scenery is.  My mom and step father have a beautiful log home they had custom built.  It’s absolutely stunning.  The views, the trees, the birds, everything.  It’s so peaceful.   It really makes you “stop and smell the roses.”

Now I’m a “city girl” at heart-but every once in awhile It’s nice to be away from the “hustle bustle” and just relax  your mind, turn off the electronics and just rest and enjoy the little things all around.   I took my camera out and had so much fun taking pictures of nature and freeing myself  from all that may be bothering me.

I think we all need to take a “mental break” from the crazy lifestyles we lead and just relax, reboot, recharge, breathe and become inspired .



Taking Chances…

Life flies by so fast…As I watch my youngest get ready for prom last night and taking photos of her and her date-I still see that little girl with the sassy smile.

Lately I’ve been getting strong feelings that I need to just go for things in life… Not be afraid.  Sometimes this is all easier said than done.  But as I’ve written before , I don’t want some things I want to do in life become a coulda, woulda, shoulda.  I need to just go for it, take some chances, see where it all takes me.

So this puts me back to my children… I watch them with excitement in their eyes as they embark on new things.  I encourage them all the time to go for their dreams and don’t be afraid and do not let anyone or anything stand in your way.  Again, life is too short, we need to breathe, reboot and just have fun.


As always: Keep smiling!!!



Our Furbabies…

Sometimes I really feel animals save us.  I adopted a toothless blue eyed beauty siamese mix cat about 8 years ago.  My daughter and I picked her out of many cats available. It seemed no one wanted Bluebell because she was toothless, different and getting to be a senior cat.  We loved her right away.  I love that she was different, It didn’t matter to us that she had no teeth or that she wasn’t a kitten.  Lately she had been having some health issues.  Sadly two  nights ago we had to have her put to sleep and she crossed over the rainbow bridge.  It was so hard to stay composed.  As I talked to her softly she looked at me as if she knew it was time.  I gave her one last pet and kiss and let her go.

Animals are so important in our lives, she was a great joy to have and I miss her like crazy, I miss her sassy mews when she was hungry and how talkative she was.  It’s strange, even my dogs new there was something wrong and can feel the sadness in the air.  They really are a significant part of our lives, and I truly believe we have to go through the grieving process just like you would for a human being.

It never gets easy and now I just have to heal and move on knowing she’s out of pain and onto a better place.

RIP my sweet Bluebell- 5/17/18

Do you…

I look at people, flowers, trees, etc… every day.  And even as an adult I keep learning that we’re all so different.  But… Why do some of us continue to try to be something we’re not.   I feel too much emphasis is put on how we’re supposed to act, look and feel.  I always remind my students and own children to be themselves, “do you!” Don’t be a robot.  Of course we can place blame on social media, magazines, movies, tv, etc… But, it is up to us to be ourselves and not to worry about if we’re being judged or talked about.  As my momma always said, they’re just jealous, don’t worry about what others think.  It’s not easy to feel that way, it takes time and some growing up to do-but hopefully we eventually get it and stop giving two sh**s about what people think.

As always:  Keep Smiling!!!  (:








Happiness of Colors…

Colors, the days of the week, the weather.  I feel they all can have an impact on how we feel, how are moods are and how we are towards others.  Of course living here in the Pacific Northwest the weather seems to have a major impact on people.  The first sunny and warm day, people flock outside and are just full of smiles and niceties.  Mondays, it seems as if everyone is “Zombie” like.

Spring time everyone seems to come alive a little more when the new growth of flowers come out.  Sometimes even on the cloudiest of days the array of new blooms can brighten up a day.

As always: Keep Smiling (:





Life… Death… Live life to the fullest!

It’s always hard to hear about a family member, friend, or acquaintance , who has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness.  The doctors predict how long you have left on this earth and we sit and wait and wait.  It’s a time bomb that’s waiting to go off, we just don’t  know when.  All that goes through my head at this time is that life is too short to not just go for the things we want.  At least try.  I need to just go for my wishes and dreams, stop worrying about the outcome and live life to the fullest.  Some days are harder than others-but then I think about how precious life is.  We need to have more fun and less worries.  Be free, enjoy every moment!

As always: Keep Smiling!!! (: