Leaves and dirt swirling,

The sounds of whispers in the air,

Swirling about without a care,




Where are all the sounds going?

Swirling around without a care.




Souvenir Collections…

I sit here looking at my coffee mug cupboard and my refrigerator magnets.  They’re both full of places I’ve traveled to.  I collect Starbucks mugs and magnets from each place I visit.

I love this collection and every time I drink my tea or coffee from a mug I’ve collected, it brings me back to that place and all the fun I had while visiting.  The magnets fill one side of my fridge and hold pictures, a calendar and and miscellaneous papers.

Everyday I’m reminded of the happiness from these souvenirs I’ve collected, and it also shows others my love of travel and exploring.  I can’t wait to take my next adventure and I look forward to getting that silly magnet and Starbucks mug from my next adventure.

As always: Keep Smiling!!!  (:



Sunday paper…

I remember growing up how happy I would get when the Sunday newspaper was delivered.  I loved to read the comics and read them religiously every week.

When I was in my teens, my mother remarried and my stepfather would get the Sunday paper every Saturday evening at the local 7/11.  But… he was the only one allowed to read it and we had to wait until he was done before we were allowed to touch it, look at it and read it. Strange I know, but that’s another story for another time-( His quirks).

I would wait with “baited breath” to read the comics, and as I got older other sections of the paper, like the fashion section, the travel section, Dear Abby, my horoscope.  My Sunday mornings were a happy time in the sense that I was able to escape into the comic world and catch up on the latest trends, etc…  Obviously this is pre-social media.

When social media started becoming a thing, I still wanted to have that Sunday paper delivered to my home.  I loved to smell, feel and touch that paper.  I would get up, feed my family and while my children were playing I would sit and relax and read.  I kept doing this up until a few years ago.

Today the paper was delivered as it has been for years.  I finally after a year or so opened up the paper and looked through and actually started reading it again.  Especially the comics.  Not much has changed in the comic department, maybe a few new ones added. But… it brought me back to a little reality, that it’s ok to slow down again on Sundays.

As alway: Keep Smiling!!!  (;


Dandelion Wishes…

For that one who broke my heart -but I am healing (:  


I picked a dandelion

Put it up to my mouth

Blew gently

Made a wish

Off it went into the air

My dreams, my wishes



I know they’ll come true

Off into the wind

Thinking of you

You’re always in my heart

My head

My soul

Never worry

I made my wishes

All for you


Time Capsule organizing…


New Year, New Goals.  My biggest one every year is to be more organized.  I’ve come across a blogger I follow and she has started doing this with her clothing.  It’s called “Time capsule.”  She started time capsuling her clothing, shoes and accessories.  This method is done by organizing things you wear or use everyday -down to the occasional, the seasonal and finally to the impulse buys and the items that you’ve never worn or will never wear again.  Now I admit my closet is so full of things that I haven’t worn in ages and probably won’t again.  This includes shoes, and many accessories.

My other thing I’m starting and hope to continue is- putting daily tasks into my handwritten planner and trying oh so hard to stick to that task on that given day.  So far, so good.  I’m finding that this is helping me feel less overwhelmed when I just list my tasks in my head and don’t know where to start.  It’s helping me stay on track and just try to stick with one thing at a time and not 50 things at once.

Now- off to clear my closet and start time capsuling my clothing, shoes, etc…

As always: Keep Smiling!!!  (:















I’m going do this and also try to incorporate this in other parts of my life too.

Old Calendars… does anyone keep them?

For the past 2 years I’ve been using Planners along with my computer, phone and I-pad to keep track of what needs to be done in my daily life.  Yes, I know some of us don’t use the “old fashioned pen to paper” calendars-planners.   I like using all.  I especially love the feeling of being able to write on the date of the calendar.  I Love the feel of the pen and/or pencil when writing down what tasks or where I need to be that day.

My question is-do any of you keep them?  Look back on them and reflect back on the past year?  I have two. One from 2015-2016 and last years 2016-2017.  I have since started my 2018 planner.  Started filling up my goals on the dates, the places I have to teach at and hopeful travel adventures for the summer.  I love that in this day of high and fast technology that we are still able to buy these planners.  The stores have a plethora of #refldifferent varieties.  One year I got a Coloring planner-each week has a different design to color. Last year and this year, I just bought a small version that I can keep in my purse.

I recently started looking back at the two I have and it’s like a diary of all the things I did through out the year that I might have otherwise forgotten about.

What’s in your past planners? Does anyone still keep them?

As always: keep smiling!!! (:






When I look at these #LimeBikes all over the Seattle area, I always wonder where they’ve been and who has been riding them.  They also are dropped off in the most random spots.  It’s become a little obsession of mine to count them and see how many have been used.  Now most of them are ridden in Seattle proper-but I’ve seen a few on the trail I walk on lately outside of the city.  It’s $1 per hour and you drop off  anywhere when done.  I see the bulk of them in front of bus stops-but have seen a few on the trail-just sitting there waiting to be used again.

It just makes me smile whenever I see one.  I laugh a little when I see a bike just dropped off in the middle of the trail or some other weird random spot.  One of these days I will try one.  So many new things to do and try in 2018.

As always: Keep smiling!!! (:



Beautiful moment…

Today on my walk I was clearing my head and was reflecting a bit on the last few months.  A moment that sticks out in my head is one of my Aunt and Cousin.  This was the last visit we had with her before she passed away.  On this particular day my Aunt was having a rougher day than usual.  She was very teary and emotional.

At this time my Cousin sat next to her.  My Aunt took my cousin’s hand and put it on her heart, leaned in toward her head and touched heads and said  to my cousin “you’re mine.”   I will always and forever remember this moment and how touching and loving it was.   It’s moments like these that even though this is a hard time, this really makes me smile knowing how special my Aunt’s and cousin’s relationship was.  And… I will cherish this memory forever.

As always: Keep smiling!!!  (:



New Year, New Me…

With the New Year upon us I wrote the other day about my goals.   I look back on 2017 and can’t believe how fast it went.  Yes, we all say how the year flies, but this one went particularly fast and furious.  Most of it was good-but… the latter half, not so much.  Within the span of 3 months, I had a friend disappear on me-(sent a vague text).  On my    birthday of all days. And… then another friend and my Aunt passed away within 3 days of each other of Cancer.  This makes for a hard grieving process, one which I’m still going through.  I truly believe we also grieve when someone you care about decides to exit your life without explanation.  A “bullshit” text if I may be blunt.

I’ve had an up and down year, but my experiences have made me examine who I am as a person and make me stronger.  I’ve cried many tears these last few months, and know that every tear has a meaning.  The loss of my Aunt and friend has been difficult-but I know that they are finally pain free.  As for my other friend, that’s a hard one too.  Being left without an explanation is so hard.  I keep second guessing myself and think it’s me-but then I reflect back on things and realize it’s not me-it’s their loss and I’m trying my best day by day to move on.  During this hard time I was able to meet some wonderful new people and finish my children’s book, which I will self publish next month.

Here’s to new beginnings and a happy and healthy 2018!

And as always: Keep Smiling!!! 🙂


Resolutions, Goals?…

As we end the year-most of us set New Years resolutions. I try to just set goals for myself.  Maybe it’s the same thing but-Resolutions always seem to get broken.  My goal a few years ago was to write a children’s book.  I finally accomplished this goal this year.  Now my goal for the New Year is to publish it next month and then keep writing.  I finally am focused enough to keep this up and have many ideas “up my sleeve” for more.  I’m also fortunate enough to have a Mum who is an artist and is also my illustrator for my first book.  I hope she’ll illustrate for me as long as she can.

The past 2 years have been a bit wonky for me and now I need to buckle down and just move forward and do for me.  Try to push away the bad and focus on the good.

As always: Keep smiling!!!