Accomplishing your dreams

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged.  I love to write and it’s very therapeutic for me and I just seemed to have lost my “mojo” in the blogging department.  I think about blogging a lot -but I didn’t want to write about things without meaning to me and I always try to keep my posts positive.

Well on a positive note, I finally finished my children’s book. My mum is the illustrator and I’m so excited to be getting it out there.  A lot of “blood, sweat and many tears” went into this.  I’ve learned so much about self publishing. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but am so happy to be going this route.

We all have dreams and sometimes they’re not easy to accomplish, but this is one I’ve always wanted and am so happy to be putting Published Author on my resume.

Anyway, I hope to be blogging again more often.

As always, Keep smiling!!!






Butterfly roaming free

flits around for all to see

just up high enough so it can’t be touched

it’s effortless beauty draws me in

looping and circling in the air

landing on a flower

blending in 

The flower shines even more

The butterfly drinks the nectar in

then flits away 

circling, and floating through the air

enjoying it’s life without a care.

Butterfly on Flower

illustration by my Mum-(one that will be featured in my upcoming Children’s book)

My trip to Austin TX…

First time ever to Austin, TX two weeks ago and  I absolutely loved it.  It’s a lot like Portland and Seattle.  Living now in Seattle I could see a lot of similarities.  Live music, street musicians, vegetarian options.  The people are so friendly and welcoming.  The live music is all that and more.

Of course Texas is known for it’s BBQ, chicken fried steak, anything beef, and crawfish,the Brunches, mimosas, all of it made me fall in love with this city.

A few places that are a must– Magnolias Cafes,  love the slogan “Sorry we’re open.” The brunch menu has many delicious options and daily specials, along with mimosas by the carafe, or just the glass.  Threadgills was another place I brunched-delicious buffet and an omellette bar.  There are so many good food places here-I can’t remember them all.

Another must see and do is the Austin music scene.  6th Street is known for great live music.  We ended up at a bar called Friends. Ruby Dice and Dave Scher are the two bands that were playing that Saturday afternoon.  I absolutely loved the music.  The crowd was very friendly and lots of fun to watch.  I would like to see both of these bands again.

There are so many places to watch live music on this street that one weekend is not enough time to catch them all. I now get why Austin is called the music capitol.  That evening we went to a club called Emos and saw Led Zeppelin 2.  Awesome cover band. The lead sounds exactly like Robert Plant.

A few other places that I went to was the Texas State Capitol building, Brighton Springs, Zilker Park, University of Texas and of course I had to hit up a local book store, Bookpeople.  I’m finding myself drawn to getting quirky books on the cities I visit now.  I bought Keeping Austin Weird.  It’s filled with many different photos and places of the city.  Very interesting and can’t wait to dive into it more.

It also fascinated me that they preserve a lot of their old signs that are out in front of restaurants, car washes, hotels, etc…

Needless to say I can’t wait to get back to Austin again and explore more of it.






Painted kindness rocks…

Over the past 6 months or so I’ve come across a variety painted rocks while on my walks. I was always  curious who put them there and why.  I just took pictures of these rocks, feeling guilty if I took one.  I wanted everyone else to enjoy them too. But of course the next time I would walk they were gone.  So this past week I came across a red rock with a face painted on it and the name Dorothy, now you would have to be real observant to find this rock because it was hidden.  The others were not so much.  So, every time I saw one I took a picture withe my phone and posted it on Instagram or my Insta story. I didn’t want to take that rock away from it’s place.  But, today I decided to google this trend and found out that it’s ok to take them. There’s even a Facebook page about the Painted kindness rocks. These are meant to brightened someone’s day. Also with the hope that we can spread more kindness with these whimsical painted rocks.  Even if it’s just a one word saying, like Hope, Joy, Breathe, Whatever it takes to make someone feel good.

Spreading kindness is always welcomed, especially in this crazy world we live in now.  I know that now when I see one that it’s ok to take it.  I am however going to also pay it forward and paint a few myself, or just write a saying and start leaving them at random times and places. The few that I have seen recently have put a smile on my face.

As always: Keep smiling!!!


A few rocks I saw on my recent walks~





Morning Light…

Morning light comes through the shades

Listening to the birds sing

I lay here wondering what the new day brings

I get myself up out of bed

look outside and see the sun

A smile widens across my face

Looking forward to a brand new day

Who knows what lies ahead for me

Everyday is something new

Starting the day happy and free

I take a breath and move ahead






Happy place…

Standing on the sand

gazing out at the water

waves come crashing in

the water almost touching my toes

I bury my feet 

wiggle my toes

close my eyes and smell the ocean air

the mist from the waves 

the smell of salty air

takes me away to another place

a smile comes across my face

lifting my spirits

high above the water

all my worries

all that troubles me

disappear with the waves

the salt air

 the sand

this has become my happy place














My dogs…

I have three dogs. All are shih tzu mixes. One is laid back and an old soul, the middle one is “bat shit” crazy with food aggression and jealousy tendencies and the youngest one is riddled with anxiety, but such a cuddle “monster” and little “love bug.”  They are 17,13, and 3.

It’s amazing how much like children they are.  But more of the perpetual 2 year old kind. They’re mischievous, and can be somewhat lazy in the “bathroom” department.  As hard as they can be sometimes, I wouldn’t give them up for anything.  They are a part of the family and can bring such joy.

If I’m going through a hard time, I know at least one of them is there to pet and just talk to-even if they can’t understand me-it’s a great comfort to have them here.  Yes, they talk back when naughty or just want to be heard too.

I’ve grown up always having a dog or dogs in my life.  To be honest I think the world is a better place when we have our pets.  Whether it be dogs, cats, fish, etc… We all need to learn to give compassion and not always be into ourselves.  My dogs have taught me that-that it’s not always about me or us or whoever.  They deserve love and compassion too.  Even they don’t receive it -they always give it.

What can I say, I love animals, especially my fur babies.  They bring great joy to me and my family.

As always: Keep smiling!!!

Zoe                                     Gracie                            Luna


Spring tease…

Pollen swishing through with flair

teasing us in this early Spring like air

Sun is shining very bright

flowers popping up through the ground

happiness can be felt throughout the town

winds start picking up so fast

leaves flying about in the grass

clouds start covering the sun

sad to see the Spring day is done

So we wait and wait for another day

with hopes that the sun will have a longer stay




Random acts of kindness…

While visiting San Francisco 2 weeks ago, besides the beauty in the city and around the Bay, I couldn’t help notice how big the homeless population is there.   I’m from the Seattle area and we have our share too. But… it seems so much more prevalent.  Maybe its because of the warmer climate.  I don’t know-but it was a sad sight to see so much.

I wandered off to Berkeley during my visit and the subway/train through Oakland was just as bad with homeless as San Francisco.  Tents under viaducts, the homeless sleeping in the stations on the ground.  People just keep walking by going on with their daily lives.  We’ve become way to immune to this.

So while in the Berkeley area walking around the campus area, I stumbled upon of course a Starbucks.  Outside of Starbucks I saw a man-anywhere from his late 20’s to 30’s with his dog,  He was clearly homeless.  The one thing he held on too  was his beautiful dog.  You could tell this dog was his comfort and security.  He wasn’t begging and his dog was very loyal and never left his side.  Loving the only life he probably knows and staying faithful to his homeless owner.

This brought a smile and tears to my eyes.  Without this dog I’m sure this man would be lost.  My big heart decided to buy the man a meal.  It brought me joy to help him out.  When I handed it to him-he thanked me, put down the food and went back to hugging his faithful companion.  Sad to see-but also melted my heart to know that this dog is with him through this hardship

I wish we could do something more, I wish I could have done more to help, but giving him an meal put a smile on my face.  It does feel good to do a random act of kindness, and pay it forward when we can.

As always: Keep Smiling!!! (;